Lynn Schugren - Pianist


Coming from a family of musicians and educators, I am very impressed with Lynn Schugren's teaching style. She is a highly educated teacher with great talent, who is a joy to watch teach. Lynn is dedicated to her students and is consistent in her praise and critique of them . She has a talent in finding the correct vocabulary to create a spark that leads her students to truly understand the music they are playing.
Sarah C.

Lynn is a brilliant and sensitive musician [pianist/artist], as well as a talented and perceptive teacher. Studying with her has been very inspiring and transformational.
Carole G.

I began piano lessons--my first music lessons ever--in my late 50's and have been taking lessons for the last 9 years with Lynn Schugren. Lynn has been a wonderful and a very patient teacher for me since I am not particularly adept at music. She is very good at explaining how to execute the many different techniques used in playing the piano, as well as, how to play music expressively. She has kept my lessons and the music I play very interesting.
Tom U.

I began taking piano lessons with Lynn so that I could help my two girls with their lessons. However, it wasn’t long before I was engaged with the piano in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. When I started, I wouldn’t even practice in front of my family, and now Lynn has encouraged me to do a recital in front of an audience. Piano is a beautiful, fluid, and grounding experience for me, and I can’t imagine ever stopping lessons with Lynn. Lynn is a patient, encouraging, and expressive teacher, and she has taught me to feel the music, not just play the notes.
Catherine B.

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